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THe Smith Prep Education Foundation

is committed to establishing communities of virtuous scholars worldwide. The foundation is a non-for-profit organization devoted to providing resources to advance the work of Smith Preparatory Academy in the Greater Orlando area and abroad. SPEF targets four specific areas of need:

1. Academic and need-based assistance

Smith Preparatory Academy has always offered an exceptional education at an affordable price. Because of this commitment to affordability, Smith Preparatory Academy has consistently maintained tuition rates well below that of comparable programs. Yet, each year we meet families who are unable to attend Smith Preparatory Academy or are unable to finish the year due to financial hardship. It is our desire that this should never happen! SPEF addresses this need by offering scholarships to Smith Preparatory Academy students based on financial need and academic performance.

2. Classroom materials and resources

Curriculum expenses consume a significant portion of Smith Prep’s budget. Each year thousands of dollars are poured into curricular resources including science labs, novels, consumables, and workbooks. Unlike other programs, Smith Prep has never charged additional fees for books or materials. SPEF supports Smith Prep by providing the best classroom materials to support the work of our exceptional faculty.

3. Development and distribution of Christian, classical curriculum

Smith Preparatory Academy has partnered with several organizations across the country to help supply curriculum and education material. We have also joined forces with various ministries and churches to provide primary and secondary schools with  consultation, direction, and help with organizational development. These schools are in need of training, curriculum, and educational materials. SPEF is committed to helping these schools and others by supporting the development and distribution of Christian, classical curriculum.

4. Overseas education and missions

Smith Preparatory Academy is actively engaged in overseas education and world missions. Biennial overseas trips are taken by students to learn abroad. Throughout the years Smith Preparatory Academy students have studied in England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. The students have studied the ancient world, the Renaissance, the Reformation, art, architecture, and many other subjects of particular geographic significance.

Smith Preparatory Academy has already begun establishing strategic partnerships to bring much needed aid, such as clean water and mosquito nets, and medical supplies to schools and people across the world. Through this work, we have a tremendous opportunity to help these communities flourish. SPEF will aid in the endeavors by providing greater opportunities for our students to learn oversea and serve the world.

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